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Life Upgrade Healing

Feeling stuck or stagnant is never fun.

It doesn’t matter what you do, where you are, we are all wanting to be in the flow. I understand how the subconscious mind, waking mind, and heart all operate together. Sometimes we go through growth periods of profound shifts. As we shift, old beliefs are still getting in the way. This is what makes you have the perception of feeling stuck. When you feel stuck or experience stagnation, an upgrade is needed to allow you to feel in the flow again.

It is my intention to guide you into remembering you can live a magical life.

Everyone has different situations they are experiencing in life. When it comes to it, we are all going through the same thing energetically and spiritually. We all have hearts, we all have emotions, and we all have a purpose, we are all evolving.

Please allow me to help you find peace within your life so you can be a smiling, radiant force once again.

It is my intention to help you access your potential.

The healing session will be recorded and GIFTED to everyone in attendance for you to be able to listen to as a part of your own toolbox for self-growth. It is my honor and blessing to help my community as much as I can.

This Upgrade experience will take 2 hours. You will realize that you are not alone in a community of people who are all trying to make a difference. It is my honor to hold space for you and this community. It helps me realize I also am not alone.