It’s like he knows exactly what I am going through, he always touches my heart and makes me laugh” – Sherryl Adams

Danny is charismatic, eye-opening, engaging and magnetic. His energy draws you in. He has led people into laughter and tears at events such as Lightning in a Bottle, Whatthefestival, and many other private speaking engagements.

Danny captivates his audiences with his “keep it real” approach to healing, and understanding the connection of emotion and spiritual awakening.

People leave his talks with huge smiles on their faces, an enlightened hearts and clarity. Not only that, you are guaranteed to feel amazing after. His talks are so much more than that of any other speaker. Danny reaches your soul because he has been through life’s challenges and has managed to overcome and empower himself through many hardships and addictions.  Now he has mastered his speaking in order to help tap into the same magic within you.

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