Ascension Guidance and Metatronia Therapy Training Program Level 1


Ascension Guidance and Metatronia Therapy Training Program Level 1

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Do you want to help save the world? Are you a healer or person of service but feel that something is missing? Have you always considered yourself to be a person who loves to help others? Have you been drawn to sacred geometry? Have you always wanted to step into your full potential but have not been sure how? Do you know there is more? Do you want to be more potent in your work? Do you want to live more peacefully and with more abundance? If you answered yes to any of the above scenarios, this training program is for you.


So many people keep looking outside of themselves for happiness. The answers are within you. Most people do not like going within simply because they are afraid to or do not have the tools. In this program you will learn the tools, receive coaching, be trained help you access your highest potential. When you are centered, you become more potent to assist other people.


In this online coaching program with Danny Picard, you will not only gather new knowledge about consciousness and how things fit together, you will also learn how to heal yourself and others in a very powerful way while using sacred geometry and angelic frequencies. Yes, you heard right! This is a training, certification course, a self-healing coaching program, and will allow you to access your inner power as a healer, lightworker, nurse, counselor, therapist, or doctor. This course is for anyone who wants to make a difference in life.



Class 1: Your Part In Spiritual Awakening

Meditation, discussion and Alchemical Healing (Christ Self Connection)

Anchoring 4th (higher self) and 5th (Christ Self) dimensions into physical body


Class 2: Violet Flame/Forgiveness

Violet flame Recalibration/Forgiveness Session

Alchemical Formula Session on Forgiveness


Class 3: Metatronia Therapy Workshop and Attunements &

Sacred Geometric Recoding


Class 4: Self Love & Heart Calibration/Diamond Light Codes


Class 5: Raising Frequency, Connecting with Guides and Masters, Lightbody Vehichle Calibration and Reharmonization

Certificates Sent for Metatronia Therapy Level 1



More Confidence

More abundance

Increased intuition

More peace within your heart and mind

A greater sense of forgiveness and freedom

A Greater sense of “Life Purpose”

A deep understanding of consciousness and how it relates to you and life

Resolving and letting go of old wounds and trauma

Anxiety removal

Feeling safe

Better health

Insecurities lessen

Feeling connected

More trust

More centered and calm

More optimistic

Gaining of wisdom

Ability to surrender with ease and grace

The ability to look within for your answers and connect with guides



You will be able to join the classes online, which will meet every two weeks in a group via Zoom Webinar from the comfort of your own home!


We start the Level 1 “Connecting To Source” Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 @7pm PST Via Zoom


Advanced Level 1

“Connecting To Source”

What: 5 classes, 2 hours/class

(Prerequisite Online Empath Course or Previous Epic Human Training/Attunements by Danny Picard)

When: Meets every two weeks Via Zoom

Class Dates are 5/30, 6/13, 6/27, 7/11, & 7/25

Cost $999

*$100 discount to those paying in full ($888)

For Payment arrangements $444 required as down payment to reserve your spot. Total remaining balance of program must be paid by 7/11/2018)


Certification: Metatronia Therapist Healer Level 1, Certificate of Completion for Advanced Level 1


Coming Soon: Advanced Healer Training Program Level 2


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