Pathway To The Heart: A Formula & Toolkit For Self-Empowerment


New Class Begins May 11th, 2019



Self Worth

Self Healing




Energy Healing


Have you been searching for a formula to make life work? Do you experience anxiety? Do you want to make a difference in life other people’s lives but unsure how? Do you have obstacles to overcome but you are not sure how to do it? Do you ever wonder “why does this type of situation keep happening to me? Have you been watching “Gaia TV” endlessly or become wrapped up in self-help book after self-help book? 

Maybe you are already doing great but wondering “now what?” 

Perhaps you are a person that is just now starting to ask deeper questions about life or maybe you have been doing this work for years and still wonder why you haven’t found all the answers. 

Situations do NOT happen to you, They Happen FOR you.

What is the message being learned? How can I grow from this? Society doesn’t teach us this because we are raised in a way that doesn’t allow for accountability. We are taught to be helpless and to rely on things outside of our own power to help us temporarily get back on track. This is not the model of Self-Empowerment. 

We are the creators of our own reality. As we start learning this, we can make great change in our lives. 

The biggest piece of information you will ever learn is “Everything in life happens to teach you how to love yourself more.” You can chose to navigate away from this if you would like to, but you will find yourself coming back to the very thing I just told you over and over again. When you realize this and act accordingly, your life will shift. 

 If the message with everything is to love ourselves more, how do we actually do that? We can go into “I need more money” “Where’s my twin flame?” but you would probably have an easier time attracting those things if you have the following tools I will be teaching you. You have probably heard myself, RuPaul, Oprah or someone else talk about the necessity of self love by now. 

What does that mean? Or better, how do you love yourself if we have never received a manual how to do so?

 This program is my Manual. It has many moving parts, all inter-changeable as everything is always changing in life. “Everything is impermanent.”

The moving parts have been studied, researched, applied to thousands of people starting with myself as the main guinea-pig. 

This is a series of 4 online classes which meet every two weeks for 2.5 hours 

Led By Danny Picard CHt, OM, Master Healer and Certified Hypnotherapist. These classes are based on the foundations he has discovered for living an empowered life. 

Class 1. Being Present 

Benefits: Focus, clarity, centered, greater awareness, inner peace, less stress, less drama, more productivity, easier to prioritize, intentional living, you are the creator of reality, not a victim of circumstance

Many people are not sure how to meditate. I fix this for you. I will also make it easier by creating a hypnotherapy session on feeling present and allowing you to explore mindfulness in an EASY way as you will notice mind chatter is at a minimum (yes, we can do that with hypnotherapy)



Less resentment

More freedom

More joy

Feeling lighter


More Presence

Learning about being magical

Class 2. Clearing 

(forgiveness, acceptance, alchemy, resolution, transmutation)





self esteem

achieving your goals

better friendships and relationships

personal intimacy

better communication

easier manifestation

Class 3. Self Worth

(knowing you are worth your goals and dreams, new relationships, you are valuable, you are important, Self respect, aiming high, no more settling for less)



Class 4. Self Healing

(Energy healing applications “Be your own healer!”)

Yes, you can. Everything is energy. We are always healing old wounds and recreating ourselves. Why not learn how to be self-empowered and do this on your own, when you are in need of your own love? 

Heart Activation/Attunement

These tools are inter-changeable and require you to play with them as you evolve on your journey. Many people are waking up spiritually and seeking answers about consciousness. I always knew the day would come when many people would need assistance. When I quit drinking, I heard a voice say “You are to create and develop programs for healers and people waking up.” I had no idea what that meant at the time as I was super hungover. This is what I have figured out. This is actually my calling. It is my honor to be able to assist you. As I assist you, a ripple affect occurs and inspires many within your community as their hearts will start noticing a change in your happiness and well being. 


a magical life

a greater understanding of energy and the way the Universe works

Raising your own frequency whenever you would like

you can help others too and make a difference, find purpose


Self empowerment

presence, forgiveness

self worth

inner child healing

catalyzed awakening process

self love

 Also Included

·     Private Facebook group 

·     2 Live Q&A sessions via Facebook Live

(in private group)

What Is Included In Each Class?·    

·     Guided Meditation as a topic

·     Discussion

·     Hypnotherapy session (based on topic)

·     Each Hypnotherapy session will be done live,
intuitively based on topic

·     Class Recording

·     Recording of the Hypnotherapy session

·     Recordings of Guided meditation

Each class will have a 5 minute break and a 10 minute break.

Feel free to eat, be comfortable as you will be in your own space at home. No one needs to chime in or be seen if they don’t want. 

The Details:


Zoom (Link will be sent with welcome email upon registering)


Class 1. Saturday, May 11th, 2019 @11am PST

Class 2. Saturday, May 18th, @11am PST

Class 3. Saturday May 25th, @11am PST

Class 4. Saturday June 1st, @11am PST


Payment arrangements are available. Inquire by emailing

Special Early Bird Tuition $555 Available till 5/1

5/2-5/11 Regular Tuition $888