Online Courses

The Magical Empath

Empaths are energetically sensitive people prone to feel and sense other people's emotions. This intuitive ability can lead to fatigue, confusion, anxiety, and many other symptoms. This course will give you the tools to access your potential, feel clear and empowered, and help you remember how magical life can be.  


Danny at What the Festival 2017!


1 on 1 Coaching

Danny's 1 on 1 coaching consists of 3 phases: restoring balance, creating momentum with education and tools for growth, and raising your vibration.

Group Coaching

Danny's group coaching program is an 8 class series, meeting every two weeks. Classes are based on his unique 1 on 1 coaching program. 

Transformational Speaking

Danny has mastered his own life challenges and has managed to overcome and empower himself.  Now he is here to help you do the same.