Here is a Sample Meditation for you! This is a meditation from the Online Empath Assistance Program.

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Are You More Sensitive These days?  

Are you experiencing lots of fluctuation in your energy lately? Experience Anxiety often? Social anxiety? Are you diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or just have a hard time focusing in general?
Have you ever felt weighed down by other people’s problems? Have you ever experienced feeling worn out after going to the store or hanging out with a certain friend? When someone gets hurt, do you feel their pain as though it is your own? Do you watch a movie and feel everything that is going on? Apologize too much or have been told you are too nice? Do you have a need to help and contribute to all of your community? Do you have a desire to help the Earth? Do you want to change the world but feel too run down by societal woes to even know where to start?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you are an empath or energetically sensitive person.
It is actually a very cool thing! When you learn how to work with it rather than suppress it. 
I put together this online course to assist people in honing in on their magical abilities so this world can be inspired by your awesomeness.

Life Coaching

Danny's unique life coaching program consists of 3 phases: restoring balance, creating momentum with education and tools for growth, and manifesting your dreams

Public Speaking

Danny has mastered his own life challenges and has managed to overcome and empower himself.  Now he is here to help you do the same.